What are eBay Drop-Off Stores

Drop off your items and get top dollar.

What are eBay drop-off stores? What service do eBay drop-off stores perform? What can I expect? How much do eBay drop-off stores charge?

What are eBay Drop-Off Stores

eBay Drop-Off stores sell for you on eBay. You can drop-off items & valuables you do not want anymore. Ebay drop-off stores should be run by eBay trading assistants. eBay trading assistants are accredited eBay sellers.

You can sell almost anything with the help of an eBay drop-off store. Most often eBay drop-off stores sell items you do not want or need anymore, or maybe some valuables that you like to cash in. Electronics, collectibles, art, jewelry, watches, excess inventory, designer clothes, sport equipment are some examples of the items eBay drop off stores sell for you on eBay.

Some eBay Drop-Off stores also come to your home to photograph big items or pick up items you want to sell on eBay.

Often eBay drop-off stores require a minimum value of $100 for each auction they run for you. To reach the $100 you can bundle similar items together and sell then in a lot on eBay.