How to Select an eBay Drop-Off Store

Drop off your items and get top dollar.

How to select eBay drop-off stores? How do I know it is a good eBay drop-off store? How can I check an eBay seller's experience? What else to consider?

How to Select an eBay Drop-Off Store

Before selecting an eBay seller to do the selling for you should find out the eBay seller's sales experience. Ask your eBay drop-off-store to provide you with the name of their eBay account. You can then go to their eBay account on the page and find their eBay account.

Great eBay sellers should have done lots of sales transactions on eBay. Their eBay experience is captured in the eBay feedback score that measures the number of purchase and sale transactions of the eBay seller.

Also view the current auctions of the eBay drop-off store. Do the make good pictures? Are there enough pictures? Is the item description adequate?

You should make sure to get a contract from your eBay seller that specifies the eBay selling terms.

Please ask your eBay drop off store whether they are accredited eBay trading assistants. They should be.