How Do eBay Drop-Off Stores Charge

Drop off your items and get top dollar.

How do eBay drop-off stores charge? Do I pay before the eBay sale? Is there a sliding-scale eBay sales commission? What is a reasonable eBay store commission?

How Do eBay Drop-Off Stores Charge

Most eBay drop-off stores work on consignment. It means you get only paid after your items sell.

Many eBay drop-off stores charge a percentage of the sales price of your items. Typical percentage fees vary between 10% and 50%. You should expect to pay a higher commission for better eBay sellers. And also you should expect to get a lower commission when you sell high value items on eBay. Or example, if you sell $500 worth of items you should expect a higher commission then when you sell $5,000 worth of items.

Some eBay Drop Off Stores have no upfront fees. This means you do not have to pay anything until your items sell. Some other eBay sellers charge for their service an upfront fee.

You should always make sure to sign a contract that catalogs items you gave for consignment to the eBay drop-off store.